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This page will be devoted to the poser 5 Cloth Room and cloth modelling for cloth simulators. iphone grocery

It will be a "live" page as I will try to regularly add tips and new explanations.

As usual, play and play again to find your own tips, and don't forget to email me if you find any mistake or disagree with any point. I try only to share with you what I learned since two years about cloth simulation in 3DSMax. As I am neither a 3D technician nor a physicist, I can sometimes be wrong (in this case your opinion is welcome : please email me).



First, you should read some basics about cloth simulators :

Cloth simulation general rules and cloth room

Then, before simulating clothes, try these easy steps to understand  your poser simulator

Learning with the classicals
The table cloth
The flag
The curtains

Now you are ready. First, read the very nice Hmann tutorial where you will learn with some examples the main functions of the poser cloth room (and your first tips for cloth simulation). You can download it here (pdf file zipped).

Done ? You can try to go further....

Complex simulations
The crinoline
From poser 4 to poser 5
Converting confoming clothes to clothifying clothes
Fitting clothes from one character to another
Using poser 5 with a 3D software
Making a shirt and pants for Don
Making a period peasant dress for judy